Thursday, October 5, 2017

What about Young Java Champions?

1. Introduction

So, I guess all of us are aware of the Java Champion term.

2. The Problem

However, I personally find it a bit unmotivating for the youngsters.
To my understanding, it's like that someone has to invest his whole life until they receive recognition.

3. My Suggestion

On the other hand, if we also introduced a "junior" edition of it, it would be much more motivating for everybody to continue contributing to the community.

Personally, I don't believe in the term "Senior", since, during my small experience till now, here are a few findings:

  • I have seen "juniors" that are more senior that "seniors"
  • this job is all about learning and evolving every single day
  • based on the above, the more exposure you have (especially including the out-of-work invested time), the more senior you are becoming day by day
  • however, the latter requires a lot of pain and effort and sometimes you might wonder "is it right? is it worth it? Am I doing it properly?", which is actually logical, since we are talking about private sector/industry and in industry it is hard to survive
I guess there are quite a few Java Engineers that are really Senior before their 30s, so, I am herewith suggesting to introduce a "below 30" Java Champions programme, so that, younger Engineers also get the chance for recognition from the community and they help themselves to stay on the correct track.

I know, one might argue that recognition comes with the followers and etc., but I strongly believe that we have to establish this programme, since in the end, it's not harming anyone and on the other hand, it also attracts more and more people to Software Development.


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Executing git commands on a different directory

1. The problem

So, you are on a specific directory, but would like to execute a git command on a different one.
I don't know whyl for me, it's just only that I'm lazy.

2. The solution

Here is your command's format git -C [directory] [git_command]

And here is a screenshot to make things more clear:

3. The reference

Further reference: