Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New 2016!

Hey, 2015 is over.

Did you notice that or you just started a new year just like it was an ordinary day?

Truth is: I was planning a few additional posts for 2015, but I found myself in the need of some rest from the ordinary things I like doing, after having had a hard time combining my daily job duties with my thesis implementation (yes, I finally graduated), which means that I lately got used to reading about front-end stuff.

Second truth is, I don't know anything about it, as javascript evolves very fast. Keywords here for 2016, are:
So, in continuation of my Angular.js examples, I lately got myself exposed to some jQuery stuff, through the percircle project, but I there noticed I also need CSS for many reasons.

Generally, everyone says "basic skills in js and css are a must, no matter of his/her duties", but one can hardly ever understand his lack of knowledge, without exposure to real world problems. Thing is, that both of the above are just baby steps on the front-e, so, Santa, please make my days last 26 hours, in order to extend my knowledge on front-end technologies.

In addition, please make sure the following ones will be accomplished on 2016:
  • deeper knowledge on Java Core
  • better time management and problem approach 
They say "better problem approach comes with experience". I believe that better time management makes experience.

Ok, things seem to get worse day by day for us, here in Greece, but we 're not the only ones that are facing poverty (and I'm not talking for the disability to buy an iPhone). Let's try and help poor people on streets, either by money or by food. For us, the cost would be like a coffee with a friend, but for them, sth like 2€ is many times the one and only daily meal.

I was about to close this post here, but I found the above image, while only searching for the "poverty" term, so, I couldn't leave unemployment out of y wishes, according to my country. It's a shame for this country watching so many guys leaving it and going abroad for a job, for a better job, for a better living, for a better future for themselves and their families. 

Hey Santa, also bring some employment and better working conditions to your sunny Greece, I'm sure you 're the only one who can do it.

Happy New 2016 :)